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R&R Quality Seafood
Opened in November 2012, R&R Quality Seafood is our company's newest venture. We strive to provide only the freshest, top-quality
seafood, just as we have done with meats for over 40 years. Formerly Buz's Crab Shack, the interior of the market has been renovated
for a fresh, clean, inviting feel. In addition to Redding's largest display of fresh seafood, you'll also find aquariums with live dungeness
crab and live lobsters .Our seafood case is filled with fresh fillets such as Alaskan salmon, pacific cod, Hawaiian mahi mahi, a variety of
shrimp and prawns, and plenty of live shellfish including clams, oysters, and mussels. At R&R Quality Seafood we are best known for
our fresh cooked dungeness crab. During the season, we buy crab live off the docks, hold them live in our live holding tanks and cook
them fresh daily. You simply cannot find fresher crab in Redding
Crab Feeds
Crab Feeds are our specialty! We provide crab for feeds
all over the north state. Make your next Crab Feed a big
hit with R&R Quality Seafood's dungeness  crab.
Whether your crab feed is for 50 people or 5,000 people
we have the ability to provide you with the freshest crab

We are not a middle man. We buy your crab live from
the coast and cook them fresh in our own facility. This
means competitive prices, fresher product, and more
profit for your fundraiser.

Once your crab is cooked we will clean it and crack it if
you choose. The cleaned crab sections are boxed in wax
boxes with plastic liners and covered in ice. You may
either pick your crab up at the market or work out
delivery arrangements through us.
If you have any questions or would like to place an order,
please contact:
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